Guide to window decorating

Sunday, November 7, 2010
Window treatments provide an opportunity for introducing more color and pattern into the room, while allowing you to control natural light and provide privacy and insulation. Various types of blinds and shades are available for your window treatment.

Roman blind is a softer version of a roller blind, flat when in the down position and folds up into horizontal pleats when it is up. To keep the folds horizontal, the fabric is normally supported by timber rods contained in pockets attached to the back of the blind. A roman blind can be designed so that it is smooth when lowered or has small, overlapping folds. To draw the blind, you pull on a cord that connects the strips and the fabric forms a series of overlapping folds as it is raised.

Roman blinds come in various colors and patterns of fabric. You can go to local home stores or online on the Internet to get roman blinds that suit your home decor.


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